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Seminar on ''Professionalization of Adult Teachers and Educators in ASEM countries''

11 - 12 October 2010, HNUE, Hanoi, Vietnam

 11-12 October 2010, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hanoi National University of Education works in partnership with the ASEM LLL Hub to organize the Seminar on 'Professionalization of Adult Teachers and Educators in ASEM countries' on 12 October 2010. 50 Vietnamese national educationalists, experts in teacher education and training and 15 international professors, university teachers in the field will meet and exchange perspectives and share experiences in professionalizing adult education and adult teacher training.

The Seminar places focus on:

-      Asian - European Concepts and Developments of Adult Education

-      Recent research in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

-      Curriculum design for adult teacher training programmes

-      Promising Practices in ASEM countries
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