Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE) has its origins dated back to as early as 1945 when President Ho Chi Minh ordered the formation of the Philology University Committee. The University was officially established on 11 October 1951 with its tasks to train teachers of different levels.





For over 60 years since, HNUE has been a popular destination of teaching and scientific research activities which attracts scholars, lecturers and students from all over Vietnam and overseas.


Currently, HNUE has 25 faculties and departments, 50 centres and institutes. HNUE is now promoting undergraduate programs in English at 7 faculties, namely Mathematics and Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, and Information Technology.


HNUE is committed to nurture and educate each and every student to become a responsible and resourceful teacher or researcher towards building a nation of knowledge and humanity. We are committed to create an equal opportunity for all students, regardless of their differences and background, to reach out and realize their potential, their dream. We are striving to be an active facilitator in the country’s modernization and development in the 21th century and beyond.


HNUE endeavours to pursue tie-ups with reputable international educational and social organisations with the objective of cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships. Through memoranda of understanding and agreements, the University's network of collaborations spans the globe.

The linkages with our valued partners in more than 40 countries creates a great many opportunities for dynamic and fruitful exchanges of intellectual knowledge and collaborative teaching and scientific research activities, which ultimately contributes to raising the quality of teacher training.

I look forward to welcoming you at Hanoi National University of Education,



Professor Nguyen Van Minh

President of Hanoi National University of Education 

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