Closing ceremony and awarding a Bachelor of Science degree to graduates in 2019

On June 6, 2019, Hanoi National University of Education held the closing ceremony and awarded a Bachelor of Science degree to graduates in 2019.

The closing ceremony was held in a solemn and emotional atmosphere, leaving many voices in the hearts of those who directly attended the ceremony, especially teachers, parents and new graduates in 2019.

According to the decision of the President of Hanoi National University of Education, there were 1498 students recognized for graduation and awarded a Bachelor of Science degree. Among 1498 graduates of this phase, the excellent and very good rate accounted for more than 60%. Specifically:

  • Excellent graduates: 175 students (11.68%);
  • Very good graduates: 728 students (48.60%);
  • Good graduates: 582 students (38.85%);
  • Pass graduates: 13 students (0.87%).

This result reflects great efforts in the learning and training process of students, as well as the training process of the University, the faculties, and especially the tutors directly teaching.

At the graduation ceremony, the President of the University awarded a Certificate of Distinction to 32 students who graduated from the top majors of the training disciplines, and excellent graduates as well as very good graduates.

In the speech at the closing ceremony, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh, President of the University, had shared the meaning with the new graduates. The President congratulated the graduating students in 2019, and also reminded them about the life and meaning of future life. The desire of the teacher was also the wish of teachers and the Hanoi National University of Education Teachers about the students in front of the edge of life not indifferent to the times, not lavish, flashy, not paranoid, illusory. They must be people who act and think about the beginning, the positive change for life from the hardships, struggles, worries about the life of their parents, homeland, and the people around them are going through.

During the closing ceremony, and during the four years of study, the president always directed the students to great love and tolerance. This motivated students to think about such simple things as forgiveness, faith, hope and then had the motivation to reach aspirations, sense of origin and gratitude for life.

For new graduates this year, career issues and career values ​​were posed as a prerequisite. With the outstanding achievements of graduates this year, the new graduates had demonstrated "a new generation of teachers, a new generation of knowledge" because "education is a lever, a driving force for development to bring happiness to all families”.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Trinh Thi Kim Oanh, the valedictorian representing the new students honored at the ceremony, gave deep thanks to the family and the university. Thanks to the parents who have always cared, supported and trusted, taught their children to love, know how to live upright and independent. Thanks to the teachers, who have always accompanied the students on the path of knowledge acquisition. Moreover, teachers not only convey knowledge and skills, but also a way of life, a moral being. Each graduate of Hanoi National University of Education was expected to be a representative for the sense of dedication and innovation spirit of the university in the cause of education.

Some photos at the closing ceremony of 2019:


Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh - President and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Thu - Party Committee Secretary, Vice President - awarded a Bachelor's Degree and Certificate of Distinction for Graduates and Excellent Graduates. Photo: Le Linh


Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh – University President - read the closing address. Photo: Le Linh

Student Trinh Thi Kim Oanh, representing 2019 graduates, gives flowers to teachers.

The Board of University took photos with the teachers of the former President of the University, representatives of former teachers and volunteer students. Photo: Le Linh

New graduates are happy on the day they receive their diploma. Photo: Le Linh.

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