Science and Technology Exhibition and Science Experience Festival 2019

During 2 days of May 18 and 19, 2019, Hanoi National University of Education organized activities of Science and Technology Exhibition and Scientific Experience Festival in 2019. These were practical activities to welcome Vietnam Science and Technology Day in 2019. Activities took place very excitedly and enthusiastically despite the fire-like heat of Hanoi on the weekends. More than 2000 students, teachers and parents from more than 30 kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities in Hanoi and neighboring provinces of Ha Nam, Bac Ninh, Phu Tho and Ninh Binh participated this event.

Exhibition activities displaying equipment and products for teaching activities take place at the Hall 11-10. In here, the faculty such as Chemistry; Physics; Biology; Early Childhood Education; Information Technology; Pedagogical Engineering; Special Education Training and Development Centers; Center for Research and Production of Learning materials; Nguyen Tat Thanh Secondary and High School showed their products. Products showcased from models and products applied in education and teaching children at different ages, physical conditions of the Faculty of Early Childhood Education, Center for Training and Development of Special Education; psychological tests and models of school psychology counseling rooms of the Faculty of Psychology, to the products created in association with the basic knowledge of the subject that students are learning in high school such as a model for growing mushrooms, clean vegetables from organic matter and clean soil; models to generate energy from wind power; combination of chemicals to create decorative products; or 3D printers create direct products of Nguyen Tat Thanh secondary and high school students. According to our research, the display products were made from friendly materials and aiming at a clear message that was the issue of environmental protection. The exhibition had attracted the attention of many high school students.

Besides exhibition activities were scientific experience activities. This activity took place at the booths in the exhibition and at the specialized faculty: Psychology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Information Technology, Technical Pedagogy. In the faculty, students had been guided by teachers and upper students to discover and learn many interesting contents. At the faculty of Pedagogical Engineering, the models of smart IOT technology application in the home; Robot models interact with humans; Electrical circuit for health examination, etc.; At the faculty of Chemistry, there were experiences of creating handmade cosmetics; Chitosan / diatomite film - application in wastewater treatment; Luminescent substance; Anti-cancer complex; Essential oils and products made from essential oils; etc.; At the faculty of Physics, there were experiments in general physics teaching; Experience the discovery of the magic of the whirlpool gun; The law of lightning; Storm in plastic bottles; Light, wavelengths and spectrum; Rules of electric current and the luminescence of some substances; ...; At the Department of Biology, they were able to observe products and probiotics; Experience, discover the magic of the animal world and the evolutionary path; Discover the structure of the human body and check health indicators; Discover the world of yeast and baking technology; etc.

Another highlight that this year's Organizing Committee had included in the Science and Technology Festival was the free training classes for parents and teachers across the country on school psychology counseling, applying digital technology in teaching, designing experiential teaching activities in high schools. This activity had attracted the participation of more than 400 teachers. The objective of the activity was to help high school teachers to strengthen their expertise and experience to better understand the way they can implement teaching activities in high school.

The chain of scientific and technological activities in 2019 was a great success and made a good impression on students, teachers and parents.

Some photos of the Science and Technology Exhibition and the Science Experience Festival of 2019:

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