"Storm in the heart" – Brilliant marks of youth at “Dance Storm 2019"


The Final Night "Dance Storm 2019" ended with moments, emotions, and imperfect levels of youth.

"Dance Storm 2019" is one of the outstanding programs to celebrate the Youth Month organized by the Student Association of Hanoi National University of Education. The 16 teams that competed in the final round brought excellent dancing performances. Each team has a different color and personality, creating a variety and richness for this year's competition. Each part is a story, a special meaning, as well as the dedication and talent are sent by the students.

Bringing a beautiful story about youth together with the emotions that expressed on the background of jazz helped the team of Faculty of Philology become the champion of "Dance Storm 2019". The second prize is awarded to two teams from Faculty of Early Childhood education and the Art club. Next is the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of English, respectively.

Not only witnessing the talented performances from 16 teams, students also enjoy the special art repertoire from the special guests of the show, singer Duong Hoang Yen and DJ Dammaz.

Some pictures of the "Dance Storm 2019" Final Night:

Author: Tran Huyen My - Vice Chairman of the Student Association

Photo: Sun Media

Post by: Office of Political and Student Affairs
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