The Performing Arts of Hanoi National University of Education

The successful art performance celebrating 38 years of Vietnamese Teachers' Day (November 20, 1982 - November 20, 2020), aiming to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of Hanoi National University of Education (October 11, 1951 - October 11, 2020)


In November, among full of joyful atmosphere, all staff, lecturers, students in the University were excited with a series of activities to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers' Day. The Performing Arts of the University is one of the activities that lecturers and students expected to show their talents together, bring music to praise nation, homeland and teaching career. 

This year, the competition was organised with two rounds: Video clip preliminary competition, excellent performances were selected to perform in the final round.

At the preliminary round, the Organizing Committee received 27 video clips with meticulously orchestrated dance and music repertoire, beautiful images, quality sound. The 14 best performances were selected by the jury to enter the final round on the evening of November 18, 2020.

The 14 selected performances to participate in the Performance were elaborately and monumentally arranged with a large number of participants such as those of the Faculty of Political Theory - Citizen Education, Philology, Chemistry, Primary Education, Special Education, Biology ...

Opening speech at the Final Round of the Competition, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Trao, University Vice President emphasized: The 2020 art performance is the convergence of the typical repertoires of officials, lecturers, and students in the whole University. The music on the stage today resonated all around the country, added the strength and passion to generations of lecturers and students of Hanoi National University of Education today and tomorrow in human cultivation career.

Head of Performance jury, Prof.Dr. Do Viet Hung has highly appreciated the meticulous preparation of all the offices, faculties, and centres for having created special artistic repertoires.

After two concerts, the Organizing Committee awarded 03 A prizes, 05 B prizes and 06 C prizes to the Art Performance.


Prize A

  1. Faculty of Chemistry
  2. Offices
  3.   Faculty of Philology

Prize B

  1. Faculty of Mathematics – Informatics
  2. Faculty of Political Theory - Civic Education
  3. Early Childhood Education faculty
  4. Primary Education faculty
  5. Faculty of National Defence Education

Prize C

  1.  Faculty of Biology
  2.  Nguyen Tat Thanh Secondary & High School
  3. Faculty of Vietnamese Scientific Study
  4. Faculty of Education Management
  5. Faculty of Special Education
  6. Department of Educational Psychology

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