(The speech of the president of Hanoi National University of Education - Prof.Dr.Nguyen Van Minh, at the 65th anniversary of Hanoi National University of Education, in the morning October 11th, 2016)



 The delegates who are on behalf of agencies and branches of the central and local levels, universities, colleges, departments of education and training in the whole country and localities where the school evacuated during the period of American Vietnam war.
International visitors, diplomatic delegation
Teachers, senior officials
Teachers and students of Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE),

Today, generations of teachers, students and officials of HNUE gather here to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the university. This is an occasion of our reviewing traditions, beautiful memories, reflecting upon ourselves and determine the responsibility for the future of the university.
Today, we come here to lift the wings for the true dreams, to ponder and act for the future, to be grateful to the generations for devoting their lives to this university and to Vietnam’s education.
We come here to support a current generation that is on the glorious but difficult path.
On behalf of board of trustees of HNUE, I warmly welcome people's teachers, meritorious teachers, delegates, generations of senior leaders, teachers, officials and generations of students presenting in this ceremony.


65 years ago, on October 11th 1951, a strategic decision offering Vietnam a university  which was always  remembered by every individual from generation to generation – this is our dearest Hanoi National University of Education.

Farther, more rooted and greater, it is the Decree No. 45 dated 10/10/1945 of Ho Chi Minh President about the establishment of the College of Literature, just after the Declaration of Independence of Democratic Republic of Vietnam for more than 1 month. We are proud because some universities have the same origin later.

Today, after a long time, we are more absorbed in the great meaning of this decree, deeply remembering the teachings of Uncle Ho to carry out our responsibilities well.


On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Hanoi National University of Education, let me mention two issues:

1. Gratitude and respect

2. Historical and current responsibility

We are everlasting because we live in the hearts of the people, serve the people, are protected and beloved by the people; we survive and develop because we have generations of predecessors building and enlightening. 
We are glorious because the predecessor generations have penetrated the humiliation of losing the country, suffering the slavery scene in order to enlighten civilization with a revolutionary education that HNUE always accompanies in the noble and arduous career.
We are proud because we are the owner of the leading university in Vietnam’s education, inheriting the gracious style, liberal thinking, high academic, conscientious devotion that the predecessors bring.
Everlastingness, glory and pride we have result from effort, wisdom, emotion and dedication of all the members of HNUE from generation to generation for a great career, enlightening intellectuals, promoting civilization to raise the nation's level.
In this great moment, we always remember the predecessors representing the generations of the university, Prof. Le Van Thiem, Prof. Dang Thai Mai, Prof. Academician Pham Huy Thong, Prof. Nguyen Luong Ngoc, Prof.Dr.Sc Nguyen Canh Toan, Prof. Duong Trong Bai, Prof. Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, etc. and others, those who have intellectual knowledge, high culture, humane personality, simple life have fostered the values ​​for our beloved HNUE today. Unfortunately, the life time is not long enough for many predecessors to witness the growth of the university.


We are forever grateful to them.

Today's generation is aware that without the first bricks, there can be no solid wall, without people who open the road there will be no road, and so in every beat of each heart, in every thought of each person, there are deep love and great gratitude.

We have a heroic past because we are always accompanied by Vietnam’s great revolution. Although in the period of resistance war against France with extremely poor conditions, or in the years after peace was re-established in the North, everything began to be rebuilt from the beginning, the generations of teachers from HNUE contributed to the development of Vietnam’s education.

In the evacuation conditions of the resistance against the US, there are a lot of difficulties but no matter what circumstances, the bright, persistent mind, the desire to devote have produced teachers for future generations.

The history of Vietnam and the tradition of HNUE always remind the next generation to remember that there are a lot of students who took part in the war and many of them never returned to the lecture hall, there are many teachers. participating in developing education in liberated areas, they are both teachers and soldiers and many people fall when not finishing their dreaming yet. Today's generation has a close relationship with history!

If we do not understand the origin, are not grateful to the predecessor generations, we can not grow up. The current generation is aware that they are in debt. No one asks for debt, but their reason for living does not allow themselves to be ungrateful.

After the reunification of the country, HNUE was paid attention by the Party and the State to become a leading university. After a lot of changes, nowadays, HNUE has 23 faculties, 2 departments, 2 high schools, 1 kindergarten and over 30 institutes and centers. In nearly 800 lecturers out of over 1200 officials, there are 17 Professors, 149 Associate Professors, 273 Doctors, others are Masters, many of whom are educated systematically in countries with advanced education. They are able to undertake the work of the university and the education field. This is the result that the previous generations spent a lot of time and devotion to obtain.

During 65 years, teachers and students of HNUE have achieved a lot of impressive results:

1. provided a high quality workforce for the national education system
2. have been contributing to the development of graduate and postgraduate training programs, general education programs, the programs of training teachers and educational managers, especially in education reforms.

3. implemented many research projects on educational science, basic science and technology. The results of these projects contribute to advising education policies and promoting the development of education, science and technology in Vietnam.

4. created an international relationship in the exchange of officials, students and research.

5. made important contributions in building and strengthening the team for other units both at home and abroad.

    With constant efforts and achievements, Hanoi National University of Education has been awarded many noble titles such as First-class Labor Medal, First-class Independence Medal, 2 times of Ho Chi Minh Medal, Labor Hero in the renovation period, and this year, once again honored by the Party and State with the First-class Independence Medal.

After 65 years of construction and development, the University has summarized the core values, which are: PENDANTRY, CREATIVITY AND DEDICATION, PIONEER IN EDUCATION INNOVATION AND ACTIVENESS IN SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATION.                                         


Dear delegates, teachers and generations of students,

We are acutely aware that education has become the driving force of the nation's development, which is the basis for the nation's longevity, the power to ensure the sacred sovereignty of the country, and the bridge to have wonderful international friendships.

The predecessor generation has penetrated the pain of invasion, in the same way, perhaps we are absorbing the pain of falling behind and slow development.

Each era has its strict requirements. We have sacrificed so many lives to escape slavery, this is a precious lesson of the nation. Today, the risk of enslavement may not be solely from wars. The lagging of education will lead to economic poverty, fading in cultural identity,
in the ideal of life and that is a potential and indifferent risk.

Objectively, Hanoi National University of Education has contributed to the development of the country's education, to the process of national construction, protection and development. However, with the new demands of the country, of the times, when we put ourselves in the world education reference system, it is obvious that we have numerous shortcomings, and we are far falling behind. If it is not we, who will change the education?

The country, the people and the whole system are expecting from our university, the university with its impressive history. Therefore, we cannot be indifferent to the justifiable requirements, the urging of the era.

The era has given us a vision, we ourselves can predict the future, and furthermore, Hanoi National University of Education must have a mission to be the pioneer in the future of the country's education. It is impossible for us to sit still and complain about falling behind, wait for the opportunity to come, but we have to actively take the opportunity and seek solutions to act. The companion between righteous thoughts and suitable solutions is the key to success. Lacking one of these two factors will lead us into a vicious cycle, dogma and possibly continuous mistakes.

We are standing at the launch of development, which the country and the people are longing for. The true aspirations that appear in our minds are inspiring and revitalizing the passion of dedication in the teachers' hearts and minds.

The education is moving itself. There are many difficulties and obstacles ahead. However, the most frightening thing is whether we dare to overcome ourselves or not. In the depth of the mind of every teacher, every student of Hanoi National University of Education is the desire to reach the progress, the good value. This is a strong belief for us to overcome obstacles, to succeed.

No one can replace the teacher in caring, nurturing dreams and forming basic values for future generations. We should not purely direct our students to focus merely on the brain, but at the same time teach them to have a heart that vibrates with life, an ethereal soul and generosity, a responsibility for themselves and society. We should be aware of the responsibility and honor of the teaching profession, so that each staff and student of the university is aware that we are the creators, the altruistic people who nourish roots for creativity, altruist through our noble work.

We are not only responsible for answering, why our country's education develops slowly but we also must find ways to promote our education faster. We have to show our people that, along with the development process is happiness. Nevertheless, this journey is a high mountain, an abyss, which is full of hardships and not for the weak. Education is motivating, providing ways of thinking and directions of action. Education creates progressive change, conquers innovation, and is a supporter for new ideas. If education only directs people to simple and repetitive actions, then the end of life is inevitable.

Get ready for a new era. Let us be the guide in education, this is a serious responsibility, but this is the mission of Hanoi National University of Education.

Integration will be arduous, but it is an opportunity. There are precious moments which we must know how to select and embrace, otherwise, where the future will be if we do not enlighten the wisdom and dignity of every human being and direct them to great things.

Hanoi National University of Education must be a land for new and emerging ideas. It is we who are responsible for inspiring the talents of every human being and creating ground for the development of them. We have an obligation to educate people to live their lives but not others, to be responsible to others, to be responsible for life.

We pride ourselves on being born in a republican democracy, so we cannot let our education fall behind. Creating people who have independent minds, who devote themselves because of their aspirations and bravery towards the future is the lofty goal of education, and Hanoi National University of Education must be the pioneer.

The bright future is only for those who respect and cherish the past to continue developing, not for those who sleep on the aura of the past. Romance in the soul will lift up the creative ideas, make it easy for a heart to touch another heart, and romance can be a paradise of creativity, but vague romance will be the illusion of life.

Therefore, let's go back to our own reality and do what we have to do in the future, that is:

1. Creating an environment for creativity with a creative university model.

2. Getting ready for a team to proactively integrate into international success.

3. Training teachers to ensure a progressive education.

4. Pioneering in solving problems of our branch and our country.

We have a variety of advantages, but also a plenty of difficulties, harshness and it is possible that we have to exchange other things for modification. However, we cannot let our country be undeveloped anymore. We must eradicate idle thoughts. The responsibility of a key university is not merely solving practical problems but predicting what will happen in the future and find a solution.

I hope all teachers and students are thoroughly aware of this in order to be committed to our noble mission.

On this occasion, allow me on behalf of all officials and students of the university to express our high appreciation to the leaders of the Party, the State, the Ministry of Education and Training, other relevant ministries and agencies for their interest, leadership and direction towards the university during 65 years of construction and development; provinces and cities, universities, colleges, education and training institutions, domestic and foreign research institutes for having supported the university in all aspects. We hope for your concerns and supports, new cooperation in the future.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude again and forever to the generations of teachers, officials, and students of Hanoi Nationl University of Education in the past, in the present and in the future.

This glory belongs to generations of seniors and this responsibility belongs to the present and future generations, because they want to maintain the glory for this university. We have confidence in a developing university for a progressive education because we dare to engage ourselves in our noble career.

Thank you very much for your attandance! Wish you health and success in life!

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