Time: 8:30 am on March 23, 2018.

Location: Hall 11/10

Hanoi National University of Education.

Ladies and gentlemen

The journey to March is about spring, coming back with not only aspiration but also the challenge of young people to dedicate to nation.

Journey to March is an endless journey, extending the youth from the past to the future in the great expedition of the nation; a journey to overcome slavery to come to independence and freedom; journey from poverty comes to self-power.

None of the stations has a full description of the meaning of the generations of youth and union members of the country. Here, and out there, I wonder how many of you are aware that you are living in the beliefs and aspirations of previous generations and of this whole nation.

The question follows me during my life: Why did the predecessor generations give them their life for this independence, whether or not this source will flow forever in today's generation? And why is our country still very arduous while young people have all sense of intelligence and desire? Even more painfully, why when later generations are educated more fundamentally, there are still many contrary acts with legitimate values happening?

I believe that you and I together work it out. So let's go along to find the answer.

I want to talk about LOVE and RESPONSIBILITIES. Couple love is very beautiful, great, but perhaps break out of the private framework and discuss it in another dimension and other moment. Today, I want to refer to the heart of love and the power of love, and then love turns into responsibility and action. You are happy and happy because it is not so much to worry about hunger, no meals; when the country is progressing, but the dry fields are still there, the old ways of cultivation are still visible in the fields, on the backs of mother's and father's handcuffs for five months; Every time you go far away, you will remember the love of a childhood that has gone through many seasons of sunshine and is more compassionate than the land, who?

Have you ever been to the Central Highlands or not, with the rainy seasons, the dry and windy seasons between the great thousands and the honest people who seem to be awkward; whether you have come to the Northwest or not, come to the majestic Hoang Lien Son; came to Ma Pi Leng, a steep hill, where the winter frost was high, with barefoot children wandering between cold days. My country is lovely, but it's very difficult.

Do you know the night market scene, the tenants who carry the gong to forget the concept of time because the rice backs are porridge for children at home; and the tears of the farmers when the fields were sold and no one bought them; and shattered workers in the middle of the night. My dear relatives are precious and precious but there are many hardships.

Behind the town of civilized town, there are many places where young people should think about.

What do you really think deep down in your mind?

We cannot sit and wait for rich people to come by themselves, how this country can get better if it is in the minds of every young man to always put me higher than all! Somewhere, the balance measured for personal gain is gradually spreading. Do you have a feeling of shudder and fear, if one day everyone just thinks for themselves?

Love for homeland, country and people is not a vague concept and love does not come to those who are emotionless before life and before the same kind. That love is only when we know how to love the burial place of the umbilical cord, when we know the pain of the mother's father, when we know the sweat and blood of my father's generation; and that love is only deep when you know how to handle the poor.

Young people who only sit vaguely in the 4 walls, confine their heads and confine their hearts in the cramped space, how to know precious and love! And is it just a petty love?

True love will urge every person to act, the extreme of the noble love, to be a great responsibility. The greatness and trueness of one's life is to set responsibility for oneself when it is determined that life is right, not waiting for people to give responsibility.

From darkness, the human race finds fire, so when people turn off the sun, people still recognize each other. Fire can warm through the cold winter, fire can burn the earth, but fire of love in youth must always burn. The coldness of the heart before the lovely and precious life, the head still means!

Without lonely love, love is a companion. Noble love is a concentration for the sublimation of responsibility and action. You can't do it all, but one by one, each one operates as one of their responsibilities and success will come and love will connect the hearts.

I want to talk about DESIRE and REALITY

Youth is a desire, a companion with the desire to conquer and youth with wonderful and clear dreams. The sincerity in the aspirations of youth is the most valuable value because it is not tinted with more color.

Imagine how scary a young person is. The survival instinct is to take part in life, but the essence of youth is the desire to discover and contribute. Trees wait for spring to sprout up and life waits for youth to live a good life. Can young people cause frustration for life? I do not believe it is for you, the members of the campaign “3 Ready” which contributing to the independence of the nation during the war.

True aspiration is the aspiration of the times. The aspiration of youth has seemingly unthinkable things because it contains everything ahead of time. The aspiration of youth is not the memory of the romantic afternoon clouds that are coming.

Embroidering and weaving the flawless beauty of the future of youth is an aspiration. Aspiration is not a paranoid domain. Aspiration is kite to lift dreams.

You are standing on the ground, where your father's class has fallen so that we can stand today, and you are standing still without collapsing because of your father, mother, and relatives who give us food, Dress up, encourage us through mistakes to go to dreams. Have you ever raised your desire to change your life for your own relatives, for your own people and for this country? What is attached to your flesh and blood is the ordinary life, the field, the forest, the lovely small street of the workers, the sound of the night breaking apart ... I hope at You, in your heart, in every little dream, in your great aspirations, let those things that you love and love fill so that your dreams and aspirations are truly immense.

Real life is endless breast milk to nourish and nurture dreams. Surrounding you in life, sharing, loving life will be a wonderful color to paint legitimate dreams. Let's take a moment away from the monks in the fairy tale and poverty of this country, this nation can only overcome when the youth, the pillars of the country raise the true aspirations for action to improve the situation

The legitimate aspiration is that the youth must be forged and trained to accompany the country. True aspiration does not have a place for weak, weak, compassionate; not use yourself for narrow selfishness, for small attempts.

I want to talk about KNOWLEDGE and CREATIVE.

I always have faith in you, young people rich in love and responsibility; understand and empathize with the life you live and are raising the desire to contribute to the future. But friends, we just sit and dream and wear out if we lack knowledge and creativity.

Pure technology can go short and can improve, but knowledge accumulation is a process. We do not expect to occupy humanity's endless knowledge with our small head. Human intelligence is to find a way to dominate knowledge and penetrate it to serve our true work. Modern technology has motivated human understanding to rise too fast. The time period became a time and many complained that life seemed to be shorter and required the mind to work faster, more responsibly and more effectively. This is a terrible race.

The pinnacle of knowledge is creativity and creativity which is the sublimation of liberated intelligence. In this day and age, this country is more developed than the other country is not a population yet, it is not a resource but a creation.

Somewhere, there seemed to be a young man who was indifferent to the times, hearing what happened today but seemed to be watching a fantasy movie. Time seems to be drifting slowly with them or are they going against time.

From the Stone Age, to bronze, to the steam engine, to the internal combustion engine, to automate by semiconductor invention, and there are things that seem to be only dreaming that people say one revolution. Robots without hearts but smart heads are the product of human intellect, the essentials of our daily lives: televisions, refrigerators, electric cookers are motorcycles and cars; the means to shorten geographical distance is smart phone is Facebook, Zalo, Viber; and human understanding can be mobilized quickly and unimaginably from internet sources, and medical devices to save human lives ... These products are created by humans. Ask the question, what have we done? You find the answer because people wait.

An agricultural country is mostly. Among you sitting here, many of you are born from the village land. In your subconscious, there are fields of rice fields and fields, there are relatives with a sun and two dew. Have you ever asked questions, golden seasons, and lush orchards but why is it so difficult to sell outside?

Lack of knowledge, how can we guarantee the quality of products from production to consumption when a world is becoming stricter with quality?

The world is fast and far away. We cannot accelerate naively but need a clever way. It is only when there is solid knowledge and wants to go fast, it must be creative. Knowledge is to create, not pure contemplation, and not even jewelry for these titles. I believe you are the ones who know how to conquer knowledge and creativity and glory rather than you to build creativity for future generations.

The last is desirable. Youth union members and youth need a civilized lifestyle, which is the standard of progressive values. It is a liberal vision of what mankind has and will admit; that is the display of respectful behaviors and protection of the right; it is altruistic and willing to help. It is to know how to shake off the customs, what is contrary to morality, with the progressive civilization of mankind; that is to respect the differences in culture and legitimate notions.

Young people need a modern lifestyle. Modern lifestyle is not from buying lots of fashion furniture, not showing off expensive things and running after fashion; it is the true expression of yourself in all circumstances in a cultural and brave way; that is intellectual mastery of technology; that is the standard of work, learning and appreciation of youth; it is enough to study and work in an international environment; that is to learn to eat, learn to wear, learn to speak and learn to work to work better for the future.

Young people need a burning desire to sharpen your intelligence for creativity. Let your overflowing chest give heart beats for life; and let your smart mind think about the future wishes that your loving soul is headed to. Creative to create masters, you must dream about people who are rich in the future but who the process drivers are; dream about things that the world is waiting for and your generation must create new jobs, and will be people who contribute to the development of the homeland.

The school, teachers guide you how to dominate knowledge and working style so that you turn knowledge into a launch pad. Education is the only way for a civilized society to become rich; This is glory and responsibility; Please hold each other's hands tightly and act properly.

Good luck!

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