Time: At 9 o’clock, on November 20th, 2017 (Monday)

Location: Hall 11/10

Hanoi National University of Education


          Dear representatives, teachers, colleagues and all beloved students,

          On behalf of the university, I would like to send my best wishes to representatives, teachers, colleagues and all beloved students as well as alumni working all over the country on the occasion of  Teachers’ Day 2011

          Dear representatives, teachers, colleagues and all beloved students,

          In our loving memory, there are always be images of teachers who accompanied with us during childhood and we are always grateful to them for helping us overcoming obstacles in lifes. I hope that the contribution of our teachers will always be in memory of  every student.

         Nhưng chúng ta đang ở trong tâm bão. Chúng ta đang ở trong tâm của những

dư chấn. Chúng ta đang ở giữa những lằn ranh tới hạn của những đòi hỏi khắc nghiệt của giáo dục đất nước. Chúng ta đang chịu đựng sự tác động nhiều chiều của cuộc sống hiện đại. Chúng ta đang chống đỡ bởi những sức

ép khủng khiếp của những dư luận trái ngang.

         Sometimes, all of us feel disappointed to know that there are numerous problems in the field of education, including unemployment, over-collecting money, a gloomy future of education, low pensions and school violence. If you google “ Entrance scores at the universities of education reached the bottom”, more than 115,000 results show up in 0.48 seconds and if you google “ Pursing the career as a teacher”, more than 1,210,000 results show up in 0.37 seconds but most of them are negative results.

          Why are there so few stories about teachers who voluntarily teach in remote or mountainous areas and who are still devoted to teaching ? As a teacher, we need to be treated equally. Public has created a huge pressure on teaching professions and teachers like us.

         We are fortunate to have a memorable past. We feel gratitude for our colleagues who are willing to travel to distant places. We believe in our future generations and crave for a come-back.

         We are in the expectation of children and parents. They expect to gain hapiness from their children who are ready to take responsibility, have passion, determination, and willing thanks to an appropriate education.   

          Parents have a strong faith in teachers like us. Therefore, we have to be responsible for gaining and building trust among future generations so that they can can continue do the same thing with the next generations.

         We should always be modest about our achievements because we are lack of numerous skills. We are new and inexperienced to the significant progress in the field of education as well as economy and society throughout the world. We are immersed in the glory of the past. However, education is change rapidly, so the only way to survive is to renovate. The methods used are out of date compared to the outside world. Therefore, the concept of university also needs to be changed. We are not restricted in the conventional concept of a university and at the same time, we are obliged to preserve core values of a university in various ways these days.  We accept that variety is premise of development.

           A number of organizations and companies complain that fresh graduates are lack of soft skills and do not adapt to new working environments quickly. Students graduating from Hanoi National University of Education are not the exceptions. In reality, soft skills are only a small component of adaptation and codes of behavior. Its deep values are cultural foundation and core knowledge to develop personal potential. We are training a Mathematics students to solve math questions; Chemistry students to do research on Chemistry; and the same for other subjects. To complete education tasks, graduates are not only teachers with good professional knowledge but also educators in the field they are expert in.

      Children babble and speak from early childhood. They absorb vocabulary through lullaby of mothers. They express what they want thanks to communication ability. However, in education of any fields, there has to be common language and particular language. Similarly, the beauty and usefulness of each subject need to be in harmony with those of other subjects.

       Mathematics is not rigid as it seems to be but it contains a magical beauty. Symmetry is the basic feature of nature. The blue sky of the autumn will always be in students’ memory via Thanh Tinh’s artistic works, but it will be more meaningful if students are taught about the physical root of it. In conclusion, in order to accomplish education tasks, teachers need to have a good grasp of knowledge and this process requires determination and persistence from the teachers.

     Influences from the world outside are very clear. Imagining waking up, we learn that customers wait all night long to purchase IPhone X, including Vietnamese people. We also see a convert from 3G network into 4G network, from computers using keyboard to touchscreen computers, from manual labor to automated robot applications. The term “4.0 industrial revolution” can be seen anywhere. We should not be worried about those rapid changes but we should expect that the changing speed is much more rapid. Our mission is to adapt to them and be capable of taking full advantage of these changes. Let’s predict about the unemployment, working productivity and national security. To sum up, our responsibility is to guide citizens how to have a control over every aspect of their life. Our country used to be colonized for a long period of time so we really appreciate the value of freedom and independence. And our mission nowadays is to provide students with a free education system.

       Education starts with the teachers. Nowadays, a teacher is not only a person who has a good grasp of professional knowledge but also a person who can guide students on their way to the destination of knowledge. However, the most important responsibility of education is to develop good personality and attitude for learners, which is often ignored. The love for country and people cannot be developed in laboratory with state-of-the art facilities and equipment. Tolerance does not exist in a materialistic society without human emotions. Therefore, the value of teachers is permanent and tolerance of teachers will exist forever.

        No matter how tough our lives are, we need to identify our responsibility and everything is going to be alright. We, as teachers, are making a silent dedication to the society. We are respected by the people and all of the prestigious awards that teachers receive are the recognition for their contributions. On behalf of the university, I would like to congratulate teachers and colleagues on your achievements and these contributions will be acknowledged by the government and the people.

         Dear representatives, teachers, colleagues and all beloved students,

         Although we have to face a number of difficulties, nothing can prevent us from continuing to be devoted to the career as a teacher.

         Looking forward, we can see passions, ambitions and an everlasting country. Our mission is to support future generation for a better future.

         It is time for a progressive education and education renovations in our country.

         We continue to overcome obstacles on the way to success, but our mission is to forming good personality for students in the new century, so do not hesitate. Let’s listen to our hearts and inspire other people to take responsibility for the society.

         Let’s hold hand together to create power, accompanying with teachers who are taking care of the future generations day and night.

         In order to realize that big dream, first of all, we have to guarantee good living standard and working conditions as well as working environment for teachers. I hope that each staff and lecture is willing to help our university overcome difficulties and improve academic reputation regardless of obstacles and deterrents. In addition, I also hope that together we can make Hanoi National University of Education become a world-class university.

          In order to obtain those targets, everyone has to make efforts to work and stop relying too much on subsidization. Each individual can take charge of several tasks such as regulating organizational structure or creating a professional and friendly working environment with a view to ensuring a favorable income so that lecturers are motivated to be more committed to their work.

        I, together with teachers, colleagues and all beloved students, are raising a question of how Hanoi National University of Education can be promoted. So, let’s think rightly and act appropriately.

        On this occasion, on behalf of the university, I would like to show my gratitude for all lecturers, staffs and students in the university because they are representatives for this university in the society.

        I would like to say thank-you for all of my colleagues who attend this warm anniversary. Both the lecturers and the students give me faith and power to conquer difficulties and challenges. We should not be afraid of making mistakes when we     think rightly and act appropriately.

        Lastly, I wish all the representatives, teachers, colleagues and my beloved students good health, happiness and hopefully that you can maintain an intense passion for your teaching career.

Best regards!

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