Hanoi National University of Education President’s speech on Traditional Day of Vietnamese Students



7 p.m on January 9, 2018

Hall 11/10


Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear beloved students,

Today is January 9 – the Traditional Day of Vietnamese Students, also the early days of 2018. I want to share with you many things; but I do not know what each of you is thinking. The significant thing is what the generation of students are thinking and doing.

We have the peace today, for many young generations struggled, sacrificed for the homeland’s independence and freedom, and right here at the far-flung bords and faraway islands, young people at your age are brave to preserve our peace day and night. What are they thinking?

What are you guys thinking of your youth? Do those two streams of thought converge to create a great resonance in the idea for the future generation of the country?

Experiencing the youth means going through colorful days, peace and storm, joy and pain so that your dreams will gradually absorb in life, maturity, and you will have the answer about what to do.

Young people go through the youth to absorb the pain of the country, the hardships, the poverty somewhere, the heartlessness inherent in our life and to raise the will and noble action for life.

Youth only exists once. Some 18-year-olds have asked how far the old age is. Don't let your fading thoughts push back civil society.

Humans have escaped from the misleading, and no one wants to return to it. Our country escaped from slavery and claimed blood of many generations, so we need to appreciate our life today.

Youth must create youth for life. Do not let unfinished love in the journey of finding love. Don't miss the love for those who need to receive it. Do not let go of human destiny, and do not let the words that have not been said disappeared forever.

People from all walks of life choose a safe way for themselves because they think that the hardships have been carried by others. Regarding love, many people just want to receive love without giving it to anyone. Then many young people glue their eyes on computer screen, bury their heads in the virtual dream of the time whereas difficulties are raging outside on their mother land.

Is it worthy when we confine our intellect in cramped space that we have created, when we imprison our souls and forget that the world is immense?

The most misfortune of human life is to create prison for the mind and the heart. Suffering of human life is the indifferent soul that has no feeling for human beings and nature, so love cannot exist. Such a miserable youth without knowing where I am going!

Is someone going to live like this? Don't let your life run out of meager dreams, let the sorrow fall away, and let dawn come soon.

Your hand cannot hold the time, but your actions will be timestamps. The mark of time for each person can be happiness or shame. The ambition of every person is very fragile if we don't thicken it up by experiencing life that is full of aspirations, and if we don't act, it's just a mirage of life.

Everyone all has a youthful time and stumble once, and everyone will grow up. Who will succeed when daring to overcome weaknesses in life, and who will dare to try their best in the danger?

I believe in you - a generation of students with love, responsibility and willpower.

You live in the era in which things around you change dramatically, but more importantly, there are values ​​that need to be preserved. In a few years, smart-phone has changed generations, its functions have been upgraded many times; its features have been greatly improved; and you also constantly changed your smart devices. Among all of you, is there anyone who is a techie? Then one day, you can realize what you have gained from that device or is it just a tool to kill time with pale stories when the screen closes? Then do you know that it is the haste in the thought, the multidimension of mediocre information that gradually nibbles on the high values, then one day we turn ourselves into indifference and no fulcrum?

Technology will bring us a closer world, but it also distances us from closest people. The situation in which each family member has a private corner and glue the eyes to the phone was popular, resulting in a divergence in mind, and the rift began from that; loneliness in our own house. Have you ever wondered, why don't I replace my silence with words of love with my dear ones?

I wonder you have ever thought that how to make the latest technology products come from Vietnamese’ minds and hands? Or you immerse yourselves in the paddies of your father and mother forever? I hope you are not heartless.

Young people should let go of the tragedies for a good life forever. Young people must dare to think great things, noble things, and think about destiny of the country and race.

It is difficult to say who is smarter, but it is not difficult to say who has more will. Life school is the most valuable school. What we know is just the grain of sand in the desert of knowledge, and what we dream about is the past of an ancient past. So open your heart to receive what is worthy and think about greater values. In the lyrics of the song “Vietnam - my hometown”, Do Nhuan has a very good sentence: men’s heart is like the sea, with the arms forming the sky.

Young people must be happy, happy to love life. Happiness in reservedness is like a daughter-in-law who does not dare to pick when eating.

Young people must be generous. Living only to rove, to pin the mistakes of others for a long time will make you become hatred.

Young people must forgivable and generous. A kind soul should not be small and selfish.

Young people must have aspirations. The purpose of human life is impossible if you entrust yourself to the situation. Who will we be and what should we do? Do not let junk things run out of your youth, and do accept reward and cost.

Young people will be those who create trust. Young people are extremely attractive as they are symbols of health, desire and non-calculating action. Therefore, people believe, like and expect young people.

Young people must have bravery. There are values ​​that need to be persistent, before life, before people, when you know for sure, don't let them waver.

Young people must dare to risk. Adventure is an intellectual game, and the win is only for smart and brave people. Unfortunately, there are people who never dare to risk once and at the end of their life just sit and regret and swallow their tears. Why do we just think what we have, think about what people have not thought, because innovation is necessary, but more important is invention. Persistent innovative thinking will make people content with the present and around with ordinary products.


Young students must be intellectuals who have cultural knowledge, spread knowledge and culture. In order to gain it, there is no way except from learning.

Young people must be the ones who dare to criticize, protect the right and condemn the wrong. Being scared of and indifferent to unequal behaviors is not feature of young people. Young people who dare not share opinions should be blamed, especially in science, it is very dangerous to just illustrate other people's ideas and lack opinions.

Young people must love. Love yourself, love your intimate relatives and love your kind because they give us life and love to grow up. Young people need couple love, it is the incentive to raise desire and hope to have beautiful thoughts and actions; but if not righteous, it is the opium that takes us into the wilderness. True love is the driving force, on the other hand, the half-burned flame of life.

Youth must know how to act. Unlike other people, young students must know how to act subsequent to legitimate thoughts. The action of young students is not a reckless one but a consequence of a scientific thinking process. In order to do it, don't let your life wasted and embrace your hatred towards the afterlife.

You cannot be lonely individuals, because a swallow's wing does not make spring for mankind. Therefore, the Students' Union must find practical, meaningful and timely activities to gather students. It is shown that the activities that young people voluntarily participate in are both sustainable and effective, and the activities that are administrative will die sooner or later.

In the current multidimensional impact, the Students' Union must know how to take advantages of and turn technological achievements into effective operating spaces. Social network like facebook is a connected, pervasive, and fast-moving forum, so you should know how to take advantage of this. The Students' Union must grasp what students need, what students are missing and must know how to create a shared community. In this era, always thinking of central meetings is outdated.

The Students' Union needs to integrate the activities at the overall scale so that young people can better understand the society, the country and the world, the advances of science, technology, society and humanity. At the same time, the Union's activities must be closely linked with the major and future careers of students.

The Students’ Union must create a spirit of self-study and self- research study; create an environment for each person to understand and know deeply; create community activities to raise love and responsibility among the youth.

The Union must create activities aiming at the standard values ​​for every young person through specific activities.

In order to temporarily end today's speech, he would like to quote the two verses of Xuan Dieu in the song "Retire":

A glorious minute is suddenly turned off,

Is better than lingering for hundreds of years

I wish you to be devoted and let the smart heads lead the way; Grasp each other's hands better because the road is still long, and because you all desire to burn for the youth, I trust you!

Uncle Ho once said: "A year begins with spring. A life begins from the youth. Youth is the spring of society. ”, Please bring spring to everyone.

Wish you all success!

Wish you delegates and teachers young, healthy, life-loving and be accompanied with young people.

Thank you very much. /.

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