Time: 8.30 am 8/6/2018.

                             Location: 11/10 Hall

Hanoi National University of Education.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lecturers and colleagues,


And beloved K64 students!

First of all, on behalf of Hanoi National University of Education, I warmly welcome the delegations, lecturers, colleagues, parents and especially K64 students, who have made an excellent progress and completed the four-year course, presenting in Graduation Ceremony today.

I express my admiration and gratitude to generations of lecturers, officials and generations of students who has been guaranteeing the longevity and development for Hanoi National University of Education.

Dear K64 students!

I blurt out because June is coming so fast and startle when another year has passed. Once more time witnessing your separation, I rejoice in your worries when you have grown up to step into life. Nonetheless, I believe in you, those who are born to build up the future.

You are now leaving one of the best times, which no one can say without sadness. I hope that you will pack all your puzzle feelings and spare a corner in your heart to leave the experiences passing by. Don’t drop any memories and also don't just live by memories because time will bring you more memories of love.

Happiness is not filled only by a commemorative sky, but it should be considered as a fire always flaming in my heart.

This place has been cultivating aspirations, out there we devote more for our lives.

Having grown up, let be more compassionate with your motherland – a country facing up the big ocean at dawn and the sun also rises up from the sea.

Have you ever wondered why we stand right in front but struggle to go out to the big ocean? Have you ever stood in front of the ocean and looked at small boats offshore and thought about sturdy ships tearing the waves off the sea and raging on the ocean?

Get out of your frequent places, your villages, small lanes and narrow streets to stand in front of the big ocean to better understand your country and dream big. Let's go to sunny white sand areas to understand more about the adversities of mothers. Return to floating water season in Southern land to love more about the silt of river regions. Also, pay a visit to majestic mountains in the North to deepen the reservoir of knowledge about history. Lean against the majestic Truong Son range and go out the ocean to appreciate your fellow compatriots and love your nation even more.

I advise you to go out and experience, dare to change your thoughts and to find the meaning of life. To seek for a right path for the future is not an easy task, and that escaping out of everyday life obsessions is also so difficult. Your plans can sometimes be dissipated facing up with reality. However, the intention to overcome failure and find a way out is the way to success.

          I hope that you will not feel hesitated doing the right things. If there was no desire to conquer the world that had been nurtured in Christopher Columbus from an early age, how could there be a journey to discover India by sea and then a serendipity discovering America the unknown land? Columbus's journey is the adventure of a brave man. Columbus is a symbol of desire to conquer with a fierce will to succeed.

          Please dare to go to places where have never been known, think of things which have never been written and do what our heart tells us and that wisdom leads the way. I believe you are great conquerors with a brave heart and a keen mind, as you are students of Hanoi National University of Education.

          I urge you to be independent individuals. Opportunities must be created by yourself, since luck comes in rarely. There are times when you have to face difficulties and even failures, and success is the perseverance to overcome those difficulties and failures. Therefore, let’s live a meaningful life, take control of your life, be useful for others, and not just live up to others' expectations. We need dynamic, independent young Vietnamese generations in thinking and liberal in ideas. Hence, at first, you must be such those persons. The academic foundation forms their opinions and standards. The right-wrong clarity gives us a way closer to the truth. The school only gives you conditions, whereas only you who create opportunities.

          Opportunities will come when we know how to open our hearts to life, and to others. Eliminate the idea of asking for an opportunity. Let's start from the intellectual knowledge and a soulful soul, along with the understanding of life, society, country and humanity to seek for our opportunities. Don’t beg for an opportunity, as no one will give us such a chance. Always remember, life gives us a lot, but nobody gives anyone anything and all that others give must possess its price.

          Consequently, opportunities must be triggered from mind, soul and the ability to fulfill one's own tasks. There are times of difficulties when we accept to be hired to become a master. Nevertheless, never let the mind leave the idea of mastering ourselves to ultimately bring better opportunities for many others. This idea must be cultivated in future generation, because the longevity of this country must start from Vietnamese people who know how to master their own lives and obtain self-respect of the nation in a globalization era.

          I hope you will always show your integrity and work in a scientific way. When undertaking a job, what is behind the result is human dignity, the specific competence. Therefore, I expect you to acknowledge your duties and responsibilities properly and work self-consciously. Don't ever let others manipulate you.

          Also, all of you are students of Hanoi National University of Education, and that behind you and your actions is the reputation and prestige of our school. You are also the ones who continue to bolster that prestige. People are better than each other in terms of culture, intellectual knowledge and work efficiency, so I expect you to be aware of these, for you are the pride of our school. Do not work alone, let’s collaborate, because sharing will make you more noble, more intimate and more meaningful for life. Do not scrutinize others, but support them, because we are expecting for a general progress.

          Intelligence and passion are precious, but no one is inferior compared to others and what really matters is knowing how to arrange the work scientifically. Self-illusion and mess plans will eventually make use the last one to reach a goal. It is argued that doing science must be messy, still it is a big mistake. The chaos of a scientist is the order in a way different from a normal person. Scientists do not note down, but in their minds, they have arranged the work optimally because they have gone through a training process.

          Time waits for no one, so I expect you to always work hard, learn and cultivate to create a methodical, scientific and effective working style.

          I urge you to identify the power of digital technology and our duty.

          Nowadays, the world is inside your hands with smartphones, when you are a keyboard hero. However, just immersing yourself in real life gives you great vibrations, deep feelings and lovely freshness. What do you think when a phone in your hand is exchanged with tons of grain? Behind your happy moments when taking selfies, it is the worry of mothers and fathers who are earning for a living. We may think that with a device in hand, we have it all. But not so, knowing what to do with that device is more important.

          The magnificent beauty of the Mu Cang Chai terraced fields will be more perfect and the sunset on the sea will be more poetic when they are over photoshop. Nonetheless, better understand the embankment of water to pick up water for rice in harsh months in May and be grateful with those who go out and send their lives to the sea are really true beauty.

          Connecting in distance via mobile screen may gradually fade out mournful memories, but it cannot replace the feeling of warm hands and whisper. Do not let this life become too distant, especially when staying together in a cramped house.

          Robots will replace human beings in various jobs, but robots cannot nourish noble souls or people's vibes. Robots cannot touch to ultimate end of human sorrow and will never be elated completely to the happiness of human.

          Artificial intelligence, an excellent product that human intelligence has developed, will bring outstanding achievements for today and tomorrow. It is not paranoid, but reality. Have you ever thought about it and dreamt it would help us shorten the time to solve many stages of work?

          In digital age, I expect, first of all, you can learn to master yourself, master your work in digital age, and realize that technology is only a tool to serve our work, giving a better life, and that we are not tech slaves.

          Moreover, you also have the duty to protect people's souls and values against the flood of technology products.

I hope you will accompany future generations, who have noble souls and will have sophisticated minds to find new things for this country to move further.

          Your noble duty is to cultivate dreams for the future, so do not let dreams of future generations be once stolen. Our country is still in a hard time. Sowing seeds on mountains for fruit is very hard. But even though gravel stones which are hard to bear blooms flowers, why don’t we try to cultivate for life?

          Our compatriots are still very miserable. Returning to the midland, returning to the river, returning to the village and returning to the workers' quarters to understand what you have never understood, to love people more and to sow into it the desire and a dream to change life for future generations.

          Let happiness burst, and let the tears flow by itself for love. Don't repress the hiccups when your heart hurts before a scene of a pitiful life. Knowing that happiness is sometimes very fragile. Also, sympathy when powerless, but know how to cherish your happiness and sympathize with unlucky scenes. From all of these, we can love and cherish life.

          Happiness is when we know how to give away without attempts, so that we can receive the simple happiness of life. Happiness is life with more smiles and more good dreams, more words of love to erase the human rift.

          Goodbye, just go on, swing your wings in high and windy sky, in the whirling midst rhythm of life. Knowing that there is no peaceful time rather than these years with the color of heaven and earth, my soul persists forever. All truths come to nothing. You are still carefree because you don't have to count and think too much about hunger, satiety, food, clothes, shelter and about your responsibilities.

          Today's ceremony is a major turning point in your life, a treasured moment. All of you, please remember to bring and preserve this moment as an invaluable fortune that life has given you, in order to stand steadily in the future.

Please welcome the days ahead. There may be sunshine, and there may also be stormy days. Whatever ups and downs, I believe in one certain thing, you will all reach your dreams! I believe you will think and act as an intelligent and compassionate person.

Dear K64 students!

We have come together through a meaningful period, though short-lived and even though we don't know each other well. Remember, we are like-minded who have the same aspirations and we will be counterparts in the future. We are ready to face the challenges of life demands and to work together to find effective ways.  Still have to say goodbye, on behalf of the school, I would like to thank the leaders, units, localities and parents who has always given us a great motivation to find the best way to development. Wishing you representatives, lecturers, parents and students good health, strong beliefs and success.

          On behalf of Hanoi National University of Education, I would like to announce Graduation Ceremony of the academic year 2017 – 2018.

          Thank you very much!

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