Dear representatives, teachers, colleagues and all beloved students,

           Dear new Doctors and Masters in this hall,

           On behalf of the university, I would like to congratulate you on overcoming all the challenges, difficulties and being present today. I would like to express that you have gained such amazing achievements. Congratulation!

            Thank all the teachers, scientists for making huge efforts and being sincerely devoted to the future generations of our country and for our beloved Hanoi national University of education.

            Today, I would like to have a discussion with you about uncommon topics, establishing a new milestone of life in an open attitude.

            Somebody might say that it will be illusive and strange but actually it is usual at all. If you set limits on what you could achieve, then you will not be able to get out of your boundary. There are no limits that you could achieve whatever you want.

            The lesson you can gain is the way of thinking and logical reasoning principles. These lessons are very meaningful, but it will be meaningless if you consider yourselves as a polymath and do not share your knowledge to other people. Seriously, a person lacking of full knowledge stops learning and does not put theory into reality, which is a real danger.

             I want to mention about our visions. We often look at concrete tasks, specific difficulties and find a possible solution. This is a good thing to do, but with those who have already got doctoral and master degrees, there will be more tasks to accomplish. They are distant visions and long-term solutions which affect not only the present but also the future in our professions and in various fields of life. Please remember that we should not come up with only the immediate and emergency solutions but what we need is a more fundamental long-term solution. Our world is changing rapidly. Whether you care about it or not, you are still in this quickly changing world. So remember to pay more attention to the global context and in the current flow of time. However, do not be too ambiguous and let the western ways of thinking replace your overall thoughts and ideas. Cautiously consider to find out actions and solutions.

             Elite team must be the pioneer of the modern society. They are the one not only to perform their duty well but also to come up with new ideas. They must be both the companions and guides.

              It is not always easy to let new ideas and innovative things apply in reality and new ideas are not always welcomed warmly. Sometimes, there can be obstacles and objections, so we have to be persistent and bear in mind that we should never give up.

              If you do not dare to think about distant dreams, then how can you appreciate our life more?

             If you do not know the world is operating, then how can you come up with new ideas to contribute to the development of our country.

             Let’s have a far-seeing vision and get rid of your limited perception. This can only be achieved if we are smart enough to take full advantage of our infinity brain potential.

             A far-sighted vision is very essential. And thanks to a far-sighted vision, you can observe a general picture of the society and realize what should be accomplished in particular periods of time as well as how feasible they are. If you do not have adequate social interaction with friends and colleague as well as feel indifferent to the dynamic world outside, then it is likely that you might think of your life in a gloomy and depressing way

             I would like to mention about how to adapt to a changing environment. We should bear in mind that the lesson we learnt from yesterday is never enough for the following days. If you do not update and do not try to update then obviously you will become a luddite. Accidentally, you do a repeated task and make it become a routine.      Pitiably and deplorably, we might become conservative people by chance. Consequently, we are afraid of innovative things and ideas and we become familiar with obstacles which prevent us from making progress.

             We always strive to become a better version of ourselves each day. However, comparing yourselves to who you were yesterday is not sufficient. As you know, humanity has reached significant milestones in various aspects of life in the same period of time, so we might be the last one to reach that climax in the world history timeline. Technological innovations have showed us fabulous method to access information and helped us to get the whole world in our hands. News is posted on the Internet up – to – the – minute and spread out to millions of users in a few seconds. So why don’t we establish for ourselves a global frame of reference

            Quick adaptation to a changing environment is a long and complex journey. It can be regarded as an endless journey with an extremely insatiable thirst for knowledge to refresh every individual and become a better working person.

            Quick adaptation to a changing environment is a wake up – call for everyone. Most of participants in this hall are working in the field of education or relating to this line of work. There might be ups and downs in this employment throughout the time, so quick adaptation to the environment will help individuals realize true values of sustainability. Impolite behaviors and the indifference of society to bad behaviors will help them spread out in the society.

            Quick adaptation to a changing environment is not the same as letting things run its course and resignation. Quick adaptation to a changing environment means giving assistance to good things and standing opposed to bad things, evils, conservative and outdated thoughts and actions. Quick adaptation to a changing environment means sensitivity and wisdom in an innovative journey that you are pioneers.

            I expect you to act. The biggest question in my mind is not related to how much knowledge you have learnt but it should be “How much knowledge you are capable of putting into reality to serve for your work and life. You may have had a number of good thesis papers and dissertations; however, what they are used for is still a big question. Will you change yourselves? Will you motivate other people around you to change themselves? Will you inspire young generations in the society to pursue their dreams? Will your life be meaningful and memorable to other people around you?

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