Speech of President of Hanoi National University of Education at the Opening Ceremony 2017 - 2018


Time: 8h30 12th September 2018

Place: Multipurpose sports house

Hanoi National University of Education

Today, we are here to reach an agreement in awareness, in the companionship of action for a progressive education, civilized society and country. Today, we warmly welcome new members, K68 freshmen, to our shared home - Hanoi National University of Education.

Wisdom, passion, and ambition to conquer knowledge will result in intelligence and creativity. I want freshmen K68 and students of Hanoi National University of Education have a new start for a better future of yourselves and the country.

On behalf of the board of governor of the University, I warmly welcome distinguished delegates, honorable teachers, staffs, parents of students, Vietnamese and international students, especially K68 freshmen, who appear in this ceremony.

I want to tell the representatives of parents of nearly 1999 students here that you have right to be proud of your children and to remind them to learn and try their best.

Distinguished delegates, teachers and students,
Last week, we may heard the news about the opening days of children in cities and also children in remote areas, about our colleagues who have to beam themselves in the rain and mud to clean schools and classrooms for new academic year.

It is time to stop sitting in front of screen and expressing our empathy just through words. Why don’t we do something real to reduce their hardships? Stop talking and take action. We need to prepare for a better future and do something meaningful for our life. Stop being lazy and hopeless. Don’t waste your youth and give up your beautiful life that you are having in your hand. Open your heart to grow nice things through hardships.

 Let’s find out the answer for the question why we are poor and find the way to make our country become rich.

Instead of sitting and asking why, let’s find out the answer for all problems are happening around you. Justice has to be grown through education.

Don’t isolate yourselves in your small room but try to go further to understand what we are having, to realize that meaning of our life is so much about sharing.

We begin a new journey. The past forces us to move forward to the future with our belief and dignity.

We are listening to the urging of the times, of those people who have built up and protected our country, of those who want Vietnam to go further.
We know the concerns about our country's education; we are distressing because we hurt the belief in education.
We share with our colleagues who are bracing themselves in the rain and floods for future generations because they believe in a better future. Therefore, we must be responsible for creating and ensuring that noble belief.

We need to locate ourselves in our country’s and global education map. We can enlighten the vision and act wisely to move forward.
We have a responsibility to spread knowledge, turn knowledge into tangible product to serve the society and develop the country. Education is the momentum for development. We need to make adults talk about bookshelves instead of discussing their wine cabinets. We need to make children like to explore and discover.

We have a duty to spread the love of our nation. Natural disasters, floods and storms are results of human’s irresponsible behaviour. Crime and cruel actions are caused by the lack of love. Social relations are skeptical because of the lack of belief. We have a duty to spread love and build trust among human.

Don't idolize everything in life, but think about better things. Don’t prevent creativity. It is easier to see the light in the sunset than in the sunrise.

I am happy to welcome a new generation to Hanoi National University of Education. You are brave enough to get over barriers of fear, unfair conception of society over teaching. You have many choices for your future, but the right choice is only for people who are brave and intelligent. Your teachers and I are really proud of you. Congratulations K68!

Today, I do not want to tell you about the past because the past is in your mind with all the achievements you have gained. I want all of you to appreciate the past, but do not live for the past but live the for the future. A future of yourselves and also your country.

Future of a nation is determined by that nation itself. If you think our country is poor, do not just sit and mourn, but join hand to make it develop. Do not blame your parents for your poor life; it is totally your fault.

In today's age, lack of education, lack of knowledge, and lack of ability to work creatively would be difficult for us to have improvements. Education is the only way to bring equality to everyone, so that they can enjoy social progress and be able to contribute to the nation's development.
The digital age is reigning globally, crepting into human’s activities, even controlling both way of thinking of each person, and somehow also controlling our emotions. Digital age even quietly pushing people out of their positions, depriving labor rights, replacing them with automatic devices and robots, but the owners of those machines are no other than people who create wisdom from their own intellect. We will be the owners or the unemployed, the people programmed by others, these are the questions of the age set for today's generation.
This also raises real social concerns. Would that domination change negatively on social relations? Currently, people are focusing only on the positive aspects of digital technology and its power, but have not focused properly on its impact on society and culture. Whether the short words, the derelict sentences can dominate the daily communication between people and people, whether it makes social relations harder to create or not. We need to respond and make people know how to use digital technology to make society better,  spread love among people, not depend on it.
We have unique traditions and cultures and that is the source of national longevity. Please take care and protect it. The message for the future is that as a cultural capital, the values of the nation will be eroded, even enslaved if we lack bravery and do not rise wealthily. Educate  future generation to know how to share, sympathize, but do not have the thought of living by grace.
Students learn to master and educate the next generations to master, to build an independent, self-sufficient nation in the state of peace for a better world. The above worries will become unconcerned if there is a good, open, progressive, humane, and imbued with national identity education; accompanying with responsible teachers.
I hope that you will realize that our country is still poor, dark areas where parasitic land is available, agricultural production and handicrafts are quite simple, post-harvest technology is very backward, foreign investment has increased but Vietnamese workers are mostly in the stages of processing and assembling. What do you think and what responsibilities have you set for yourself?
From awareness to action have a distance, the most optimal shortening way is only for smart, brave and righteous people, and I expect you to be such people. However, just one individual is not strong enough to change a whole process, it needs the companionship of many people, and that is only possible through education. In order to do that, each student needs a foundation of knowledge, a method of scientific work, and a way to arouse values to aspirate others to be creative in the future, and because of that reason, when you are a student, you need to study, research, cultivate, learn practicality, participate in other activities, dare to adventure, know how to spend time for duty, and send love for a future with no regrets. Modern society needs people who can speak and do it, not just speak well but do not know what to do.
In the past years, teachers and students have made great efforts, achieved certain results but still not up to  requirements. This year, our school focuses on these things:
1. Completing the school's output standards, develop training programs,and create links between sectors in order to prerequisite for program accreditation with partners.
2. To fundamentally change the way of management, service, and truly create an open environment in academia and operation, effectively put the works into efective operation, plant lots of trees in the school campus, and build a civilized university.
3. Concentrate on all conditions to proactively carry out the work to meet the renovation requirements, consideri this as an opportunity and responsibility of the school.
4. Improve the quality of staff, continue to rationally reorganize units, focus on scientific research, publicize learners' feedback to lecturers and administrative officials; enhance international exchanges effectively.
5. Create more conditions for students to have the right to participate more in the school's activities, especially scientific research and professional activities. Must consider and set the interests of learners highest in the school's activities because this is the most sustainable benefit of our school and society.
A new school year begins, a new generation of students entering the school, with youth and enthusiasm, will create a new driving force in the development of Hanoi National University of Education.
We would like to thank the attention and support of all levels, localities and relevant national and international agencies, but we recognize that only teachers and students of Hanoi National University of Education could decide the new progress of the school.
On this occasion, allow me to send my blessings and gratitude to all students and officers of the school who have been accompanying for the development of Hanoi National University of Education.
With all that meaning, on behalf of the school leaders, I would like to declare the opening of the school year of 2018 - 2019 of Hanoi National University of Education.
I wish all delegates, precious guests, comrades and everyone have a great health, happiness and success! Wish all the freshmen have a successful course!
Thank you very much!


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