Speech of the 85th anniversary celebration of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union

At the 85th anniversary celebration of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the 26th March Award Ceremony of the Youth Union of Hanoi National University of Education, at the forum with more than 1,000 youth unionists and generations of youth union officer, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Minh, Vice Secretary of the Communist Party, president of the university made an important speech, which was enthusiastic, meaningful and inspirational and touched heart of the younger generation. We would like to post this speech:


On behalf of the Party Committee, Board of trustees, I would like to welcome the delegates, especially generations of youth union officer from Hanoi National University of Education, who contributed to the glorious history of the College. We wish all of you the health and happiness and continue inspiring the younger generations; I would like to welcome all unionists and young people!

Today, we celebrate the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, in order to instill the heroic history of generations of unionists, youths, and people who were always ready for protecting our country in case of the emergency.

Today, in this lecture hall, what should boys and girls in their twenties will think and do to not to feel no shame for what being done by the previous generations.


You should treasure the time of your youth

Youth is a priceless privilege of life for you. Meaningless of human life is to let spring go through in vain.

Successful people are those who dare to surpass the job requirements. You will find a way to go or will create a new path. Who would dare to go on wilderness without footprints?

Success in the past if not careful will become the dose of lullaby you are in the present and future. Do not let the past invade your time too much today, but keep it as a treasure in mind if you need to keep it, therefore when the life is hard, I can find the peace of mind

In life, you need to remember and forget. Elbert Hubbard said: “A retentive memory may be a good thing, but the ability to forget is the true token of greatness”. Forget success to be more successful; Forgetting failure to commit on the new road, and forgive others for tolerant and altruistic lives. And remember, today is the desire of the past. This peace is exchanged with the blood and bones of many generations, of whom the majority of your age still occupy massively.

It is said that time is gold, but the proper use of the youth’s time is the key to success. Being gifted is only the beginning, the success of life is sweat, tears and even life. If we just care and praise the natural ability, it seems like birds fly to the sky but never fly up

Each day passes very fast. What did you spend your time on? For your friends, your lover, your partner, and your work, and have you ever shivered as time goes by drastically? And how many events have made you fall down, live better and share more; and how many events have happened, which caused you to be embarrassed by the strength of youth but do nothing useful for life?

Do not know any of us have let the time of youth buckling deep in dreams, vague in dreams. Life is not smooth as velvet, success is the buildup of energy, determination and efficient time.

I hope the youth union members, the young people cherish the golden age of human life, know how to spend time on meaningful things.

I hope you think more broadly, look further and have more insights into the situation of the country.

I think you know the basics of the WTO, to the ASEAN Economic Community, to the TPP. If you are indifferent to these issues, it is unfortunate that you should be blamed. Let’s know the sky open and know the horizon to choose a destination for life, even if it is miles away, but not go, they never come.

Economic advances, in terms of science and technology, are ultimately due to human beings, whose roots are the development of education that has trained such talented people. Clearly, the development of education is the key to the renewal of the country, a prerequisite for economic, cultural and social development, the power to protect the sovereignty of the country, and a solid foundation for integration.

These days, you have been probably hearing about the drought in the Mekong Delta. The drops we have are determined by nature, and if spate does not return the land will be dry and chapped. Israel is barren but they know how to control nature, Thailand has built water reservoirs; however, we are entrusting our destiny to heaven.

These days, you must be hurt because the fishermen off the sea of the country's sky were attacked and threatened by Chinese ships.

And you are still hearing about catastrophic and tragic accidents every day, not only on the road but also at the places where people are cured.

And do you feel sorry when the Vietnamese people are abused and hurt when working for labor export?

You still see everyday life values are being eradicated by the tide of hybrid because the basic foundation of human beings is tottering. You and I hurt and hurt in the heart.

Too many issues. We are not pessimistic but we must be responsible. The sea has big waves. If there is no ballast, the tides are tilted. I hope you will be the ballast so that this country firmly step out to sea.

An economic crisis will pass away, though as cruel as it seems, if we are determined, only five or seven years is enough to recover. But cultural degradation, in order to reshape it, can take hundreds of years, and if it is not careful it may be hard to regain it.

What would you do?

- Build an open vision: This world is you, this country is ours. We know people and cannot sit and witness people’s poverty forever. Do not sit around regularly in the corner of the kitchen, and do not take a corner in the small motel, let’s go out to look to understand; Do not be engrossed in the computer screen, on the smartphone chatting and wasting your time, but use it as a tool to connect the outside world.

- Transform the knowledge of humanity, of the century into the knowledge of oneself and of the community, apply it to their practical activities. The first is the accumulation of knowledge while still being a student to prepare for the future.

- Build your own standards, identify what is right, what is wrong, what is worth doing and what should not.

- Life is the greatest school, but to succeed you need a foundation in all aspects, lacking  them not only makes you totter unsteadily but sometimes stumble

- Social activities are the river of life. Crabs will return to you for good crops, fresh leaves. Immerse yourself in the practice will give you love, sympathy and respect people, to try to live better, more responsible. This is also a way for you to devote what is good for life.

- Foreign language is the window to the world, the key to selectively absorb the noble values of humanity, the advancement of science, the success of technology to make life better.

Before your eyes are many crossroads, you have the wisdom, you have the time and you have the will, let’s dare to go hand in hand to the glory, despite all the life’s dedication for the country, let’s give it a try!

I do not want to end, but I would like to wish the delegates, teachers, and members of the youth union to be happy for the great contributions in the past, present, and future.

Thank you very much.


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