Hanoi National University of Education Core Values



Standard: It is considered a measure of personality, professional etiquette, professional qualifications, and educational capacity of each lecturer and student of the University in the process of training and professional practice activities in the national and international educational environment.

Innovation: This is a feature that creates various and outstanding values for the University. As a result, each lecturer and student can seize the best opportunity in order to promote creative thinking in teaching, learning, and research to improve education. At the same time, it also creates new knowledge for humanity and promotes social progress. Each member is always willing to discover new things, figure out practical problems, problems that are not yet in practice by scientific solutions and spread this spirit to learners and society.

Vanguard: The third core value is considered as a magnetic needle in the development orientation of the University. The concept of leading the way in the national education system is a prominent characteristic when it comes to all activities of lecturers, staff, and students of the University. Hence, it requires state-of-the-art, scientific, and top-notch to achieve the highest ability to serve the national education system and the whole society as well, solving the matters of the time and having strategic consultants.

Post by: Phạm Thị Ngọc Quỳnh