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The University has developed a number of research teams including theoretical physics, advanced materials, analytical mathematics, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, etc. These have increased their number of research topics, scientific publications, and international cooperation activities in science and technology. In particular, in 2018 and 2019, for the first time, the University’s staff had their works on advanced materials published in “Science” and “Scientific Reports” the world's prestigious scientific journals. The research entitled Origin of the bright photoluminescence of few-atom silver clusters confined in LTA zeolites published in the prestigious journal - Science (Vol. 361, issue 6403) identified the electronic states of four-atom silver clusters bound with water molecules that produce bright green emission-thus identifying candidate materials for application in lighting, imaging, and therapeutics. Some other papers published in high ranking journals that should be cited here as: “Load frequency control of power systems with electric vehicles and diverse transmission links using distributed functional observers” by Le Van Hien et al., in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid; “Quenching of the magnetic moment of a transition metal dopant in silver clusters” by Hue Minh Thi Nguyen et al. in Physical Review Letter; “An isolated line-shape model to go beyond the Voigt profile in spectroscopic databases and radiative transfer codes” by Ngo Ngoc Hoa et al., in Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer; “High productivity of ectoines by Halomonas boliviensis using a combined two-step fed-batch culture and milking process” by Doan Van Thuoc et al., in Journal of Biotechnology; “Structural, optical and electromagnetic properties of Bi1-xHoxFeO3 multiferroic materials” by Nguyen Van Minh and Nguyen Gia Quan in Journal of Alloys and Compounds; “Use of an automatic methane potential test system for evaluating the biomethane potential of sugarcane bagasse after different treatments” by Duong Minh Lam et al., in Bioresource Technology; “Broadband microwave coding metamaterial absorbers” by Tran Manh Cuong et al., in Scientific Reports, etc.

Much of the University’s research in the natural sciences and technology has been applied in practical life and production such as research on biology and ecology of mangroves to contribute to protecting and restoring many mangrove forests along the coastline; successful research and selection of three mutant rice varieties, new national varieties of DT-16, DT-21, and mutant fragrant rice; research, application and selection of strains of yeast in alcohol fermentation, bacteria in vinegar fermentation and lactic acid fermentation to produce wine and high alcohol wine, contributing to the creation of product brands such as Thang Long wine, Ong Hao wine and brandy, etc. Studies on advanced materials contribute to solving the problem of applying high technology in real life, dealing with environmental pollution and renewable energy, and contributing to bringing basic and high-tech research closer to production practice.

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