The Institute for International Education and Training, formerly known as the Center for International Education and Training, was established in June 2008. From September 19, 2016, the Center changed its name to the Institute of International Education and Training.

The Institute is directly under Hanoi National University of Education specializing in training and teaching Vietnamese language for foreigners. Since its establishment (2008), the Institute has been organizing Vietnamese language training short-term and long-term courses for students from many universities, such as Yunnan University, Guangxi University, Busan University... also students as employees of companies such as Samsung, Daewoo, Lotte... with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced levels...

The Institute's teachers all have majors in Vietnamese teaching methods and experience in teaching Vietnamese, and are teachers of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies and the Faculty of Literature of Hanoi National University of Education. In addition, the Institute also has a team of experienced collaborators from many Vietnamese language centers and universities in the capital.

The current curriculum selected by the Institute to teach Vietnamese to foreigners includes: Vietnamese Practice books (4 volumes) edited by author Doan Thien Thuat, Vietnamese for foreigners by author Nguyen Viet Huong  (4 volumes). In addition, depending on the students’ abilities and learning needs, teachers will flexibly add more advanced and specialized textbooks or documents to develop skills and knowledge in all fields such as culture, politics, economics, and society,..The Institute also provides specialized Vietnamese courses such as: Vietnamese for tourism, business, journalism, culture,... for organizations and individuals in need.

Besides teaching Vietnamese to foreigners, the Institute for International Education and Training also organizes exams and issues Vietnamese language certificates according to the 6-level competency framework of the Ministry of Education and Training.  The test bank includes 30 sets of questions built and evaluated in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

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