The final round English contest: HNUE English challenge 2019 - An inspirational challenge

On March 22, 2019, Hanoi University of Education organized the final round of HNUE English challenge contest. 12 finalists: Faculty of French, Faculty of English, Faculty of Primary Education, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Special Education, Department of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Social Work, Facultyof Educational Management, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Political and Citizen education had very exciting and attractive competitions.

Attending the contest, there is Dr. Jonathan Wakefield, International Relations Manager, School of Engineering and Computers, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom; on behalf of Hanoi National University of Education, there are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Trao, Vice President of the University, Dr. Dinh Minh Hang, Head of Political and Student Affairs, Dr. Luu Thi Kim Nhung, Dean of English Faculty, Dr. Tran Ba ​​Trinh, Director of the Center for Research and Development of Pedagogical Profession. The contest also received the attention of accompanying companies: Mr. Juven Buencamino Sidon from Jolo English Center and Mr. Dang Minh Tuan, CEO of UberMath.

HNUE English challenge is an English contest for students of the whole University. The contest is organized to further promote the movement of learning English, while creating useful playground for students in the University. The contest is designed with 2 rounds: the preliminary round and the final round. In the preliminary round, each faculty selects and establishes a team to implement two contents: making videos / clips and writing essays focusing on 10 topics:

1. My student life at Hanoi National University of Education

2. My future career

3. Teacher in my mind

4. Teamwork and other necessary skills in modern life

5. Youth in The Industrial Revolution 4.0

6. STEM Education

7. Tourism in Vietnam

8. Gender gap

9. Vietnamese lunar New Year

10. Handling stressfulness

Qualified Clips and essays have been posted on fanpage Admissions of Hanoi National University of Education with high interaction (averaging over 5000 views per clip).

In the final round, faculties went through sections including knowledge and talent. After these two sections, 5 teams with higher scores will go on to the rhetoric section.

In the knowledge section, the Organizing Committee has applied Kahoot software to use online interaction to support and calculate the most accurate points based on results and time of answering. Thus, the knowledge challenge based on Kahoot technology platform also creates interesting experiences for fans of each team and audience. The suspense chases are impressive in this section.

In the talent contest, the jury, the fans and the audience were amazed at the colorful performances of each team: singing, modern dancing, short animation, ... Interesting, attractive, entertaining Students' intellectual qualities are easy to be seen in this section.

After the talent competition, the 5 best teams continue to advance into the rhetoric section. They are: Early Childhood Education, Chemistry, Political  and Citizen Education, Educational Management and Physics. Each team draws a topic, takes 1 minute to discuss and 3 minutes to present. The confidence, fluent English, and emotions are the things that every team member experiences.

Final results:

First Prize: Faculty of Chemistry

Second Prize: Faculty of Early Childhood Education and Faculty of Physics

Third Prize: Faculty of Political - Citizen Education and Faculty of Education Management

In addition, the Organizing Committee awarded:

Best Clip: Faculty of Chemistry

Best Essay Prize: Faculty of Mathematics and Infomatics

The most stylish cheerleading team: Faculty of English

Besides, many gifts from the Organizing Committee and sponsors are also handed to students.

Some photos at the contest:

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