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Centers and Institutes

HNUE is home to more than 20 research institutes and centers in the fields of natural science, social science and educational science:

Institute for Educational Research

The Institute for Educational Research (IER) of HNUE is a research institution established by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) on 21st December 2001. The mission of the IES is to conduct research, apply and implement research results in educational science; perform research tasks assigned by MOET and HNUE in the field of educational science; carry out professional development training for teachers; participate in training for undergraduate and postgraduate courses; provide consultation and recommendation to MOET, HNUE and localities in the field of educational science; implement international cooperation in research and training; and provide educational services. The institute has four centers namely Center for Pedagogy Research, Center for Age-group Psychology and Physiology Research, Center for Teacher Research, Center for Curriculum Research and Development.

Institute of Social Sciences

The functions of the Institute are to conduct research in the field of social sciences; provide training programs; provide policy consultation and evaluation for programs and projects in related fields; implement international cooperation in social sciences research and training.

The institute has 11 affiliated centers. Some areas of studies that have been conducted are: literary theory and literary analysis; teaching methodology of social science subjects; history, culture and international relations of Asia; Ho Chi Minh studies; climate change education; studies and teaching of Sino-Nom. The Institute of Social Sciences actively participates in curriculum research and development, as well as building teaching materials for subjects of Literature, Geography, History and Civic Education.

Institute of Social Sciences collaborate with the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies to provide Vietnamese Studies undergraduate program for international students. The institute also offers Vietnamese language courses from elementary to advanced level for international students. 

Research Centers

·         Center for Applied Geography (CAG)

·         Center for Biodiversity Resources, Education and Development (CEBRED)

·         Center for Children Language, Literature and Arts    

·         Center for Complex and Function Analysis

·         Center for Computational Science (CSS)

·         Center for Cryptozoic and Rare Animals Research   

·         Center for Environmental Research and Education   

·         Center for Environmental Research and Education

·         Center for Experimental Biology

·         Center for Mangrove Ecosystem Research (MERC)

·         Center for Nano Science and Technology

·         Center for Research and Teacher Professional Development

·         Center for Soil Animals Research

·         Hanoi Center for Financial and Industrial Mathematics

Culture Centers

·         Center for Social Science name after Abai

Training Centers

·         Center for Advanced Training Technology Application (CATTA)

·         Center for Applied Informatics

·         Center for Continuing Training and Professional Development

·         Centre for International Education and Training (CIET)

·         Center for Special Education Training and Research

·         Institute for Social Science Studies