Universities in Vietnam promoted in the ranking Webometrics

January 1st, 2018, the site ranking of universities worldwide (Webometrics Ranking of World Universities - Webometrics) has published a list of ratings for universities. Accordingly, many universities in Vietnam promoted on this table.

Bảng xếp hạng 20 trường đại học Việt Nam

Top 20 universities in Vietnam 
Specifically, Hanoi University of Science and Technology increased dramatically, continued to hold the first position in the ranking of universities in Viet Nam

In 2018, indicators of the extent of presence( the number of websites which is stored on the system of the school is recognized by Google) of Hanoi University of Science and Technology increased by 220 levels compared to that in July 2017( from level 1707 to 1487) and indicators of excellence ( Top 10% of articles by the team of lecturers, scientists of the University posted on the science journal are cited mainly from Scopus category) also rose by 2 levels.

Also in the ranking Webometrics, Hanoi National University ranked 2nd among universities of Viet Nam (ranked 1450th in the world); Hanoi National University of education ranked 3rd (ranked 2600th  in the world); being in 4th and 5th position are Can Tho University (ranked 2609th  in the world) and Ho Chi Minh National University (ranked 2614th  worldwide) respectively. 
Webometrics was first published in 2004 and updated periodically twice a year in January and July. The objective of the Webometrics is to encourage and promote the publication of information on the internet.

The main purpose of Webometrics is to support Open Access Initiatives to improve access to information on scientific research and scholarly materials published under the electronic form, so rankings do not evaluate the elements of design or access number

 Webometrics give ranking results of universities around the world based on data of the site of some institutions. After many changes, in January 2017, Webometrics published ranking criteria which include four: Presence: The number of websites stored on the school system which is recognized by Google; Impact: the quantity of backlink from other sites returning the school website; Openness: The number of citations of scientific works on Google Scholar data sources; Excellence: Top 10% papers by team lecturers, researchers of the University published in scientific journals which are mostly cited in Scopus category.

Details about the ranking webometrics of universities in Viet Nam can be seen. HERE
Nhat Hong; By DanTri

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