MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) offers scholarships to international students who wish to study at Japanese universities as research students under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2015 as follows:

1) Nationality: Applicant must have the nationality of a country which has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. Applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application will not be eligible.
2) Age: Applicant must have been born on or after April 2, 1980.
3) Academic Background: Applicant must be a graduate from a Japanese university or have academic ability equal or superior to that of a Japanese university graduate.
4) Major Field of Study: Applicant should apply for the field of study she studied at the previous university or any related field. Applicant must choose a field on which she can receive education and perform research at Ochanomizu University.
5) Academic grade point should be "2.30" or above.
How to calculate "academic grade point":

(Grade 100-80) No. of credits × 3+〔(Grade 79-70) No. of credits × 2+〔(Grade 69-60) No. of credits × 1/ Total No. of registered credits.
Japanese Language: Applicant who have insufficient ability of Japanese language will not be granted MEXT scholarship especially for the fields of studies, e.g. Japanese Study, Japanese Literature, Japanese History or Japanese Law as long as there is no special reasons.
Health: Applicant must be physically and mentally healthy enough to pursue study at university.
Arrival in Japan: Applicant must be able to leave for and arrive in Japan by the day hosting university determined or within two weeks from the beginning of October 2015. Travel expenses will not be provided if the Applicant chooses to travel to Japan before this set period.
Visa: Applicant must obtain a “Student (留学)” visa when she comes to Japan.
The term of scholarship may differ depending on what course a grantee takes in Japan:
Ochanomizu University will accept the grantee as a research student, non-degree student, after arrival in Japan. Her
period of scholarship will be one year and 6 months from October 2015 through March 2017.
1) Monthly allowance: Under the fiscal 201 4 budget, each grantee is provided monthly with 146,000 yen. However, these amounts are subject to change depending on the annual budget of each year.
2) Traveling Costs:
If you obtain traveling costs from MEXT
A: Transportation to Japan: Each grantee will be provided, according to her itinerary and route as
designated by MEXT, with an economy class plane ticket from the international airport closest to her place of residence to Narita International Airport or Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport. Expenses such as inland transportation from her place of residence to the nearest international airport, airport tax, special taxes on overseas travel expenses within Japan will be borne by the grantee (the place of residence of the grantee shall in principle be the address stated in the application form).
Plane ticket from a country other than the grantee’s nationality will not be covered.
B: Transportation from Japan: The grantee who returns to her home country within the last-payment month of her scholarship will be provided, upon application, with an economy class plane ticket for a flight from Narita International Airport or Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport. (Note) Insurance premiums for travel to/from Japan: It shall be borne by the grantee.
The airport the grantee departs from or returns to must be an airport of the country of her

If you obtain traveling costs from Ochanomizu Univesity
We will pay for your traveling cost according to MEXT policy.
3) School Fees: Fees for the entrance examination, matriculation and tuition at universities will be paid by Ochanomizu University.
Each applicant must submit the set of the following documents to Ochanomizu University through her university.

1) Application for Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT) Scholarship
(Research Student for 2014) (Attached
Form 1) (Please type and Duplex print)
2) Field of Study and Study Program (Attached Form 2) (Please type and Duplex print)
3) Supervisor Application form (Attached Form 3) (Please type)
Recommendation letter to the president of Ochanomizu University from a dean or above.
Photocopy of passport (ID page)
One photograph taken within the past six months (Full-faced photograph from the waist up without a hat or a cap. The applicant must write her name and nationality on the back of photograph and paste it on the Form 1.)
Certified academic records of each academic year of the last university attended (issued by the university attended) (with GPA, the ranking or certificate of excellence of the applicant)
The system of grading must be written in an academic transcript.

The graduation certificate and the degree certificate obtained from the last university attended may be substituted for by a photocopy thereof provided that the copy is attested by the authorized person of the university.
Abstracts of theses
Documents to prove linguistic ability of the applicant (e.g. Record of TOEFL, TOEIC, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT))

(Note) These documents must be written in either Japanese or English. If they are written in other language, translations in Japanese should be attached with A-4 size.
Not later than January 30, 2015

Scholarship will be cancelled for a grantee if

1) any of her application documents are found to be falsely stated;
2) she is in breach of her pledge made to the Minister of MONBUKAGAKUSHO (MEXT);
3) she is subjected to disciplinary action, such as expulsion or removal from register;
it becomes definitive that the grantee will not be able to complete her course within the standard course term because of her poor academic achievement or suspension;
5) she has withdrawn from a graduate course in hosting university or transferred to another university;
her resident status of “Student” changes to any other status;
she is provided with another scholarship (except for a scholarship designated for research expenses); or
she proceeds to a higher level of education without receiving approval for an extension of the term of the scholarship.

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