Principal's early 2021 message


The year 2020 was full of turmoil for all human, including Vietnam, and even Hanoi National University of Education.

Through these unexpected events, the solidarity, consensus and determination of each member of the school have been shown.

The timely response by transforming the teaching and learning method has brought remarkable results in creating a potential premise for the future. The persistence of quality, the determination to innovate, and the right communication have resulted in an encouraging enrollment season. The school has also implemented the tasks related to educational innovation effectively. The results of that effort have put the school in the group of schools with regional and world rankings. The year 2020 ended with a host of difficulties, but outstanding achievements were very crucial. That is the dedication, wisdom and affection of each member of the School.

The year 2021 is of special significance for generations of lecturers and students of the University: 70 years of the establishment of Hanoi National University of Education. The school's love, mission, and responsibility require us to make more efforts. Therefore, we should focus on some activities:

1. Prepare carefully activities towards the 70 years of school establishment (October 11th, 2021);

2. Develop a school development strategy in the short, medium and long term;

3. Developing the learning and training ecosystem, building a civilized university environment, adding quality staff resources;

4. Further improve conditions of teaching, learning, and assessment;

5. Find solutions to increase income legally, improve staff welfare and income;

A new year is coming, on behalf of the school leaders, I would like to express my gratitude to the generations of teachers, staff and students of the school. We have the right to expect good and meaningful things in the new year because we have the power of solidarity, creativity, responsibility and pioneering.

Wishing you, lecturers, students and family a new new year to be healthy, well-being and prosperity.


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